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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Two cute boys in their brand-new pajamas courtesy of my side of
the family and their "Twelve days of Christmas" presents.
(Thomas is SOOOO excited, I don't think he'll even sleep half the night!)

The stockings were hung...
(and our monogrammed names have been edited out!)

Check out all those presents!
(And, no, Santa has not been here yet!)

Until later (and Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!),


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House Kit

My mom sent our family a gingerbread kit to put together this year (thanks, Mom!). Thomas & I put it together this evening, we had an early dinner, so we had some time to do a project before bed time. Toby didn't want much to do with it, but while we were assembling it and decorating it, he sat next to Thomas and watched and snuck candy. I love the idea of the kit and highly recommend them. We did add our own M&M's.

Until later,



I bought this wooden bead toy at the flea market at Thomas' school last year for 2 euro. What a deal! However, the kids hadn't been playing with it much so we thought about getting rid of it a couple of weeks ago. Although, lately, it has been the "favorite" toy in the house, so I'm glad that we decided against it.

Until later,


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Lost Tooth...but NO Drama!

Tonight, we were watching a movie together as a family, we have been doing that a lot lately. About half-way through, Thomas nudged my shoulder and had tears in his eyes and told me that his tooth was really loose and that it had started to bleed. We both knew what that meant. It had to come out. I guess I'm just mean but once the darn teeth start to bleed, there is no more waiting. Except I wanted to finish watching the movie so I told Thomas that I would wiggle it when the movie was over. Surprisingly enough, about 5 minutes later, he came running into the living room and said, "Mom, Mom, I pulled my tooth all by myself and I'm not even kidding!" And, he wasn't. This tooth had hardly any root left, unlike the first four.

Until later,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tailer: Happy & Healthy

I took Tailer to the vet for the third time this week tonight. Mainly it was for a quick check-up, another dose of antibiotics and to pay the bill.

The vet was actually somewhat surprised that Tailer is "functioning" normally now. She shared with me that she and her co-worker really thought that she would have to have surgery.

She does have a slight infection (the only way we know is because she has a low-grade fever), but that's not surprising with all that she's been through this week so it's good that she's had a couple shots of antibiotics.

Until later,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tailer: Poor Plugged-Up Kitty!

WARNING: This post is not just about my cat, Tailer, but it is about my severely constipated cat that had to have veterinarian care to finally come un-plugged.

So Saturday morning, James & I were headed out to spend the day in Frankfurt without our kids. I caught Tailer upstairs, outside of Thomas' room in the "pooping" position. Not to say that she's absolutely never done something like this, but she generally poops in places where she's not supposed to when she feels like she's been abandoned or she has been left alone and you are back and so then she poops just to spite us. So I thought it was a little strange to find her like this but quickly scooped her up and locked her in "her room" in the basement.

A few minutes later, I went down to check on her and she had thrown up. About once every other month, she gets somewhat constipated, she throws up, she poops and she's fine again. So, I figured it was about that time. I checked on her again and she had thrown up five times--total. A record. And, no poop. The babysitter came, I told her Tailer was sick and to leave her locked in the room where the "mess" could be contained and I would deal with it all later.

Eight hours later, I came home to no more throw up, no poop, and a cat that didn't want to come out of her room nor eat or drink.

Sunday goes by and she barely moves. She didn't eat nor drink. I started giving her syringes full of chicken broth, which she took. For those of you who don't know, I have taken care of many, many sick cats in my life but Tailer has never been sick before so this is a first with her.

Monday morning, I called the vet on-post. Of course, they could not get her in then and they recommended that I make sure she is seen by a vet on-the-economy, "don't wait!" they said. So, I called my neighbor, who has a dog, and I know she's taken him to a local vet here in my neighborhood. I get the number and make an appointment then take a drive in my neighborhood to find the location. My neighbor was right, it's close enough to walk, if only it weren't bitter cold outside and Tailer didn't weigh over 12 pounds or would walk on a leash.

I took Tailer in Monday night. Monday, it was determined that she did not have an infection (no fever). She was given a homeopathic laxative, a pain reliever and was hooked up to an IV to rehydrate. She was pretty severely dehydrated after not eating nor drinking for 2 days and throwing up five times on Saturday. We were all hopeful that this would all be enough to get her to poop. The vet and her co-worker felt up her back, along what I would assume were her bowels and said that she was "very full" with "very hard waste". I took her home and she even ate and drank a little. I was very encouraged that the next morning all would be well. I have never in my life hoped to wake up to a big pile of poop before!

So, this morning, I ran downstairs first thing, only to become quickly disappointed and instantly worried. No poop. Tailer seemed to be in better spirits, was vocal, and followed me upstairs. She walked funny. She was very careful with the way she sat down. And, she didn't want to eat nor drink again. So I got the kids off to school (when I say this, I mean Thomas and our neighbor boy that I take to school half the week). Got home and called the vet. The vet made an appointment for me at 5 PM. I spent the whole day wishing that she would just go on her own and worrying that she has swallowed something that has ruined her insides forever.

Tonight, I took her in. I have to say, I am really impressed with this vet that she has seen. She knows her stuff. Tonight, Tailer was given a glycerin suppository. It seemed to cause instant action. And she pooped a little, hard pebble. Then, about 90 seconds later, my calm, quiet kitty went ballistic as she tried to rid herself of a rock-hard poop that looked like it should belong to a dog, not a cat. At this point the vet turned to me and asked if I would allow her to sedate Tailer because it was just too painful for her to pass. I agreed. Then, the phone rang (just when Tailer was going to get her shot and I was thinking, "NO, let her have her drugs first!"). The phone call was quick and then the vet and her co-worker were handling Tailer as she tried to pass the poop all the while yowling and growling and standing on her two back legs. She finally had the bowel movement which had tin foil in it...I might add (darn cat!). Tailer laid down and was really quiet and I thought that she must just feel so much better. The vets continued to poke and prod her and I was quite amazed that Tailer was tolerating it all so well. The vets were speaking in German so at this point I had no idea what they were saying, I could just tell they were trying to come up with a game plan.

Then, the one vet left the room and Dr. Bader motions to me to come a little closer and make sure Tailer doesn't fall off the table. I stand next to her and pick up her face only to notice that her tongue is sticking out and her eyes are fully dilated. My mind starts racing as I think my cat has just gone into shock because she just had the most painful bowel movement EVER. I turned to Dr. Bader and said, "Uh, she doesn't look too great." And that's when Dr. Bader told me it was because of the sedation that I had agreed to. The sedation that she was so quick to give her that I totally missed it.

After that, it was decided that they would take her to a different part of the clinic to give her a colonic. They shoved about 8 inches of tubing up her until they could go no further. Because she still had quite a lot of hard waste left in her. It was their hope and mine that now that the hard "cork" had been pushed out, everything would work well again. Tailer was hydrated again via IV and given another shot of homeopathic laxatives, and an antibiotic shot. Then she was given a shot that woke her up from her sedation. I kind of wanted to keep her asleep because I thought it would be nice to trim her nails without a fight, but I missed my window of opportunity on that one.

I brought her home tonight and she is like a drunk cat. Colonics aren't the cleanest of all procedures so she's spending the night in her room and will be there until she fully cleans herself off. The good news: she has pooped twice since we got home tonight. I was a little worried that other half was as hard as the first half and the problem wasn't really solved, but it's looking like it is.

I take her back Thursday night for a follow-up and another injection of antibiotics. Then, the bill, which I shudder to even think about. Monday night was 51 euro ($70). And tonight they did everything that was done on Monday plus SOOO much more!

Until later,