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Friday, March 18, 2011

Toby's Fascination with St. Patrick's Day

This week, in preschool, they focused a lot on St. Patrick's Day. They do lots of art projects. Toby brought home art with gold, shamrocks, leprechauns, etc. He was absolutely fascinated with St. Patrick's Day. He was intrigued by leprechauns and wanted to know if they were real, where they lived, do they start out as babies, etc. On the day of St. Patrick's Day, upon awakening that morning, he ran into my room, and wanted to "find the rainbow and the pot of gold!", he was certain it was in the back of our house. As the day went on, he grew more and more depressed that he hadn't found the gold yet. They made wooden leprechaun masks which each child colored, and that has been the prized possession of the week--it has gone everywhere with us! It has been such a funny thing to see him be so interested in. He has been more excited about St. Patrick's Day than he was for his own birthday or Christmas! Funny kid!

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Mom said...

He is such a funny boy. Hug the boys and take care. Love Always Mom