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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday, I saw my regular OB. At this point, these appointments are almost a waste of time to me. I see a perinatologist monthly too, and my appointments with him are much more interesting. Right now, with the OB, I pee in a cup, get weighed and we listen to the heartbeat. And then I'm pretty much done unless I have any questions. Since this is my third pregnancy, I really don't have many questions, and the ones I do have, I ask the perinatologist.

However, yesterday, I had a good question to ask, that my perinatologist couldn't answer since he's not going to be the one to deliver the baby, someone at my OB's office will. Since I had Toby early, I know everyone is concerned about me having this one early too. With good reason, the odds are rather high. But, if I can get past the premature weeks, I wanted to know about the chances of getting induced since my labors, so far, have been very fast. I am mainly concerned about getting to the hospital. Especially, if I happen to go into labor in the afternoon, if this happens to be the case and I go into labor at say, 4 PM, I will most certainly deliver without James because he won't be able to make it home on time due to the time that it takes him to get out of his office and drive back home in DC rush hour traffic. Plus it will be on me to find a place for the kids to go and a ride to the hospital or an ambulance ride. I am lucky/unlucky in that the contractions are not noticeable until they are intense and only a couple minutes apart. I was almost surprised when I was told that, absolutely I can be induced for that reason, that it is scheduled all of the time...the catch?...I have to reach 39 weeks.

So I have to say, I will be very surprised if I make it to 39 weeks, but if I do, I'm sure I will gladly "get it over with" one whole week early! And I will love it if I actually get a chance to walk into the hospital standing upright, not in panic mode to get me to the maternity wing!

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Mom said...

One week early is still ONE WEEK off the whole 9 months we went through. I thinks months or weeks your generation does still is a long time when it is YOU. Hug the boys and take care Love Always Mom

Jeannie said...

39 weeks is the new magic number. It use to be 38. I was told I WOULD NOT have this baby until 39 weeks. I just laughed at him. (he was a specialist). Between my doctor and another one I had him at 37. Good luck with everything.