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Sunday, May 18, 2008


All of my skirts are either to my knee cap or longer, yet with constantly bending down, chasing, entertaining, or saving Toby from whatever danger he has just discovered, I feel like a disheveled mess 95% of the time when I am wearing a skirt.

Today, I decided to wear leggings under my skirt. They are black and go just below my knee cap...OK more like they go to the top of my calf muscle...but let me just say I think I might be wearing leggings under my skirt from now on! I doubt anyone even detected that they were under my skirt (I was wearing a long skirt with slits almost to my knees) but they made me feel so much more confident! Like wearing a Shade shirt under my skirt! I have been giddy ever since I tried this and found that it worked so well for me!

Until later,



Alison said...

Yeah, I haven't gone back to anything else since my mission. LOVE THEM!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean!! I have a long wrap skirt I now where leggings under. It seemed like every time I wore my wrap...it was windy outside. Now I have no worries!!
funny isn't