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Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Season of Good-Bye's

I live in a military ward, so obviously, it's like we have a revolving door going at all times... but right now, that door is moving fast! With the school season wrapping up we are now losing families each week. Three families have left within the last month, including our Bishop and the Seminary teacher. Another family leaves this week. Two more go the next week... Three more leave in June... at least one in July.

We only know of three families moving in this summer...but that was two more than I was aware of until this morning. As small as our numbers are, the number of Brethren is even smaller. Luckily, two just came home from a deployment. But, one will go out this summer (they have five kids all under 12 years old) and another in November (four kids under six). There goes that revolving door again... Four more will return from 18-month deployments in December/January. James was at a EQ meeting a week and a half ago and he made the comment, "I don't know how we can stay a ward and not go to branch status!" someone told him there are 11 "key" callings and we have exactly 11 Brethren to hold those callings!

And so, next week, I will say goodbye to two women that I would say I have become close to. Because of various reasons, I have chosen to hold back on making "deep" friendships with anyone, but I would say there are four or five women that I have somewhat become friends with...friendship beyond small talk...two of these women belong to that group. Their husbands are both military. One husband recently signed up for another five years and another finished 10 years and is getting out now. How different the next chapter in their lives will certainly be. I will miss them both.

Until later,



Anonymous said...

so sad the reality of life-we all move forward in so many different directions. One thing I've learned from this week is that you can always take w/you friends no matter-what a joy friends can be even when they are all around the world! :) Miss you guys.

sues2u2 said...

I know where that "revolving door" is working the opposite way, Here!!! There are so many people moving into our ward that we need to add a third "sunbeam" class AND the primary presidency is looking to add "helpers" to some of the other classes!

It is so hard to live the military life sometimes. I miss it (from being overseas) but @ the same time I'm grateful for the stability. Our old playgroup was actually one of the first places that I made friends after the military. I felt the same way that you've described many times.

Take care!!!

Jeannie said...

That is kind of hard to see friends leave. It is different then in our little home town where nobody moved and very few moved in.

Maybe James will be the next bishop?????? JK I would not wish that on any wife with little kids.

I don't know if you already know, but they got a new B.B. in Lewiston.
Kent Buttars Bishop
Clyde Smith 1st
Richard Spackman 2nd

Emily Snow said...


Luckily, our old Bishop got released before he moved. Lately, everyone has been getting released after they moved, but I guess they thought they better not do that with a bishop.

The new bishop is my age, perhaps a little younger. They have three kids, the oldest being six with the 4th due in June. He travels all of the time. I didn't think he'd be called as the Bishop because of these facts. I feel so bad for his wife.

James is an EQ counselor. The other counselor is one of the guys that is moving next week. The EQ president was told he'll only be able to have one counselor for a while because there just isn't enough guys for him to have two counselors. But, there are some other huge callings that will be "vacant" come this summer as far as the guys go. For the women, too, but the HUGE one, YW President probably won't be because I just found out tonight the YW Pres and her family are going to stay ONE more year! Such a huge relief in sooo many ways!

Anonymous said...

When we were in our old ward...same thing. Military Medical Students.We had someone coming and going all the time. It was hard to say bye...and after a bit...I held back on the getting to know them deeply for fear of losing them in a short time. At least we had loads of staple members. James will be Bishop soon!!
sorry for that scare.
love ya

Emily Snow said...


I don't know if you'll read this or not...but luckily, for us, the new Bishop has been here for two years already but is hoping for at least 2-5 MORE years! Unless he gets called to something in the Stake, I think we know who will be the Bishop while we are here!

DanceNplay said...

I hate it when families leave in the Ward!! Our Bishop left and I was so sad! Do you have alot of English Speaking people in your ward? I assume you do, since it's a Military Ward. What Ward were you in when you lived in Maryland again?

Emily Snow said...


Yes, our ward is English speaking. There are two families that are German that attend our ward because they want their kids to have more of an American experience. We share the building with a German ward.

We belonged to the Monocacy Ward.